Lone Wolf Express is a newly formed alternative news site that was established by three wolves belonging to the same pack. They are:

Lone Wolf and Alpha Wolf, neither of which you want to meet in a dark alley if you have committed any crimes and Summer Wolf gentler but definitely NOT tame!

Despite the above fact, this Pack has Christian religious beliefs and therefore, do not allow and will not tolerate profanity in any form (the actual words, abbreviated or in modern-day nomenclature)! We thank you for upholding our Pack’s beliefs with refraining from utilizing nasty language.

In the near future, we may be looking for new pack members to fill writing positions. Use the contact form, please, if you wish to be added to the Pack “list”. Sorry, there is no pay, paid sick leave, nor vacation pay, yet there is the affinity of belonging to a strong Pack that stands up for their own.

You may wish to follow Lone Wolf Express via blog, e-mail and/or Twitter. Our Twitter address is:


Thanks for stopping in and we look forward to seeing/hearing more from you.


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