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Map-Of-World-Fire(NaturalNews) Ebola is likely to “consume” every Third World country and then devastate wealthier countries as well, Missouri doctor Gil Mobley has warned. He has accused the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of deliberately concealing the threat that the disease poses to the United States.

“For months, doctors in my community… have been convinced that the United States will be importing [Ebola] clusters regularly,” Dr. Mobley said. “Right now, on the continent of… Africa, there are a million people in isolation, in quarantine, because of Ebola, and ten thousand passengers leave west Africa every single day. It’s just a matter of time before this disease is carried to every corner of the world.”

Cases doubling every three weeks

Official estimates place the total number of Ebola cases to date at more than 7,400, of which at least 3,431 have been fatal. But experts acknowledge that these numbers are probably significantly underestimated, and the disease continues to spread rapidly.

“It’s unfortunately the case that the Ebola crisis is set to get worse before it gets better,” said Justin Forsyth, chief executive of Save the Children. “Currently, in Sierra Leone and Liberia, infection rates are doubling every three weeks. We have a small window of opportunity to contain the epidemic, which means more treatment beds and critically, more doctors and nurses, on the ground now.”

Experts believe that the number of Ebola cases is doubling every 20 to 30 days.

Ebola is consuming whole communities,” said David MacDonald, Oxfam regional director for West Africa. “We are seeing them absolutely torn apart as a result of the disease. Many areas have been forced into quarantine — the streets are completely deserted. The need to break the spread of Ebola is absolutely key. Right now infection rates are accelerating and we have no option but to rapidly increase our work.”

U.S. will be overwhelmed

With this type of infection pattern, Dr. Mobley believes that Ebola will inevitably establish itself in the United States. The CDC is aware of this likelihood, he says, but is deliberately downplaying it.

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