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You knew it was coming, right? No, not the further spread of Ebola. That’ll happen later. What’s happened is the outbreak of another infectious disease: The creation of more government and more government corruption. When the federal government’s incompetence and stupidity is revealed to the public, the Great Father then rolls out his usual solution. More government and more corruption. I am speaking of Great Father Obama’s response to EbolaGate, which is to appoint, you guessed it, an “Ebola Czar”. Oh, I feel so much better now!  Now, you would think that Obama would find a skilled medical professional with an extensive background in infectious diseases. You would think that perhaps he found a university professor who has studied the Ebola virus for years, perhaps even written books and papers on the subject. Or perhaps he found a virologist or even a evolutionary biologist who might be able to discover patterns in the virus and warn if it is mutating into an airborne strain. Indeed, you might think he has found such a person, of which there are many in the United States. And you would be wrong. This is the federal government we’re talking about here, remember? No, Obama has not made any medically qualified person the “Ebola Czar”. Instead, what we got was a guy with obvious political connections to the Obama Administration and the Democrats. He has no medical or infectious disease experience whatsoever. In fact, anyone who went through the Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare training during U.S. Army basic training during the Cold War knows quite a bit more about handling infectious diseases than does this “Ebola Czar”. Who is this man? His name is Ron Klain and we shall review his rather qualifying credentials below.

Ron Klain has no medical background whatsoever. He’s a lawyer and a lobbyist with some very telling ties to a certain business. Nevertheless, he has been crowned as the “Ebola Czar” in order to coordinate the entire federal response to the Ebola outbreak in the United States. Obama said, “It makes sense for us to have one person…so after this initial surge of activity, we can have a more regular process just to make sure that we’re crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s going forward.” Wow, who knew that defeating a virus revolved around proper penmanship! I’m already impressed! So, the strategy is actually one unskilled person directing all the people who have already demonstrated their own incompetence. Klain is much-beloved in the White House as a good manager who has “excellent relationships” with the Obama Administration. That goes without saying, for that is how he got the job, after all. Further along, he supervised allocation of funds in the stimulus act, meaning he is very good at spending the money of the American people without actually accomplishing anything. (And is Ebola a “stimulus” project, perhaps?)  He was a former chief-of-staff to Vice President Joe Biden and also Vice President Al Gore. So, he has even deeper connections to both the Clinton Dynasty as well as the current Great Father. He also rode herd over the 2000 Gore vote recount in Florida. Ah, so he can go from searching for “hanging chads” to searching for microbes. I see how this works! He still has his magnifying glass, so he’s just the man for the job. He also clerked for the Supreme Court, so he’ll have some experience on how to sidestep the Constitution and do what the Great Father wants in disregard of it. Especially so since he was also Chief of Staff and Counsellor to Attorney General Janet Reno during the Clinton Dynasty. Yes, that Janet Reno, the one who presided over the Waco Massacre of the Branch Davidians. Remember that fact. But one of his most important qualifications is this: He was played by actor Kevin Spacey in the HBO movie “Recount”. Aha! I knew celebrity status had to come into this somewhere. Klain has probably already finished the forward for his book “Ebola Czar: How I Singlehandedly Saved America And Didn’t Spill My Latte Doing It”. They can make another movie from it and various actors will engage in slap-fests over who gets to play Klain. But it gets better, folks.

Klain was the dude who backed President Obama’s play of a $535 million dollar loan for the Solyndra solar fiasco. Even though there were concerns about Obama putting in an appearance at Solyndra once its viability as a company was called into question, Klain approved the visit. Klain said of it, “The reality is that if the President of the United States visited 10 such places over the next 10 months, probably a few will be belly-up by election day 2012.”

So, what he truly has experience in doing is spinning obvious disasters and waving off the serious mistakes of the Obama Administration. Think of it this way: “The reality is that if the President of the United States visited 10 American cities over the next 10 days and says their medical resources are up to snuff and kisses the staff, probably a few will be undergoing full-blown Ebola epidemics by election day 2016.” But wait! There’s more!

Written by: JACK PERRY, continue at LEW ROCKWELL