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Marysville,_WA_water_towerMARYSVILLE — The city now has more tools to reduce chronic criminal and nuisance behavior.

Two ordinances passed by the City Council on Monday enable officials to crack down on nuisance properties and on aggressive solicitation and panhandling.

One ordinance prohibits solicitation of pedestrians or motorists on public property after sunset and before sunrise.

It also prohibits solicitation and sale or distribution of any product or service on on-ramps or off-ramps to I-5 or state highways; within 300 feet of seven busy intersections along Highway 528 and State Avenue; plus the intersection of 172nd Street NE and 27th Avenue NE in Smokey Point.

“We really have noticed that there’s a public safety issue with panhandling,” said Mayor Jon Nehring.

Previous ordinances dealt with confrontational situations on public sidewalks, but people also have been approaching cars in traffic.

“The previous ordinance mainly covered aggressive soliciting — it didn’t really cover darting in and out of traffic,” Nehring said.

The second ordinance allows police to designate properties a nuisance when there is a history of repetitive criminal activity. Marysville has not had a criminal nuisance ordinance until now.

By: CHRIS WINTERS, Herald Writer – continue reading at the HEARLDNET